About Project
The fight against HIV/AIDS is reaching a tipping point, and many countries are reporting steady declines in HIV/AIDS prevalence. Despite this good progress, 2.6 million new infections and 1.3 million deaths due to HIV/AIDS were estimated in 2012. Majority of the new infections and deaths are from sub-Saharan African countries and India. An AIDS-free generation calls for renewed commitments and expanding partnerships.

South to South HIV/AIDS Resources Exchange Project (SHARE) is one such collaboration aimed at sharing the tools, strategies and skills for an AIDS –free generation. This initiative brings together two leading organizations - the Voluntary Health Services (a Chennai based NGO with over 17 years of experience in HIV/AIDS programs), and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ,FICCI (apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India) to facilitate greater engagement and partnerships between the Indian and African stakeholders and industry champions for HIV/AIDS programs.

The goal of the South to South HIV/AIDS Resource Exchange (SHARE) project, funded by USAID, is to strengthen National HIV/AIDS response in select African countries by facilitating Technical Cooperation through a bidirectional transfer of high impact policies, practices and innovations. The project aims to facilitate sharing of best practices, management principles, and promote partnerships, in three focus areas, country ownership & stewardship; prevention, care, support, treatment; and program support systems.